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PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Digital Imaging (Product Stills) With Studio, Light, Backdrop, Photo Edit ( Model Shoot / Mannequin / Venue Charges extra ) Min 50 Order* INR 150/- per Item MONTHLY / PROJECTWISE
PRODUCT VIDEOGRAPHY Digital Imaging (Product Video) E-Commerce Listing Video / Reels / Short Promo Video with Titling, Editing & VFX ( ( Model Shoot / Prop / Scripted Presentation / Venue Charges extra ) Min 25 Order* INR 300/- per Item MONTHLY / PROJECTWISE
LIVE SHOP | MULTICASTED STREAMING QTV LIVE offers Live Streaming service from Shop/Studio/Home with customed hosted multicasting in Facebook (Page / Group), YouTube, to be available in Boutiqart from creator profile Starts from 30 Min Slot Service Starts from INR 5000/- SLOT BOOKING based on Duration & Streaming Specifications.
SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION ( PAID CAMPAIGN ) Campaign Strategy based Social Media Paid Boosting for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google PPC Campaign. Based on Budget 25% of Budget Spent. MONTHLY / PROJECTWISE
SOCIAL MEDIA ORGANIC SERVICE Digital Social Media Marketing ( Organic ): Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn Posting, Link Building, Community management, Product/Service Promotion, Campaign Strategy. Per Month Price starts from INR 3000/- (BASIC)* MONTHLY / PROJECTWISE ( Based on specific requirement )
CALL / CHAT / SMS / WHATSAPP Client Support: DLT Registration, SMS Gateway Integration, Customer Call / Chat / SMS / WhatsApp Service. Based on your requirement. Based on Subscription Package MONTHLY: Price starts from INR 3000/- ( DLT & SMS/WhatsApp Gateway Charges extra. )
INFLUENCER & BRAND ENDORSER Influencers from Social media content makers ( YouTuber, Instagrammer, etc. ),Celebrity Artists, Motivational Speakers, Models, Performing Artists, Blogger, Vlogger who can do affiliate promotions for your brand. Based on Brand Specifications Based on Specific Requirements TERM CONTRACT / PROJECTWISE
PRODUCT AFFILIATE LISTING IN SELECT E-COMMERCE PLATFORMS We shall provide Affiliate listing of items in leading e-commerce platforms: Amazon, Flipkart, ETSY, Meesho, Alibaba, Tata Cliq, Ebay, and Special Listing in GEM Based on E-Commerce Platform Based on Item Listing MONTHLY / ITEM-WISE LISTING
E-COMMERCE & TECH SUPPORT CMS Upload of Profile Content, Product Content, Service Content, Order Management, Delivery Management, Contract & On-Demand Service. Per Month ₹ 1,000/- * *Customized Rate For Standard / Premium Plan ₹ 10,000/- per Year ( 2 Months Discount On Yearly Booking )
* Conditions Apply - GST (as per item / service applicable based on Member registration)

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