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Boutiqart Younique Mela | B2B2C Fair

Celebrating creativity and commerce |  About the Event:

Boutiqart Younique Mela 2023 is a three-day event showcasing the country's best creativity and commerce. The event aims to bring together artists, artisans, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, and resellers to create a platform for them to showcase their products and services. The event will be held on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of April at ICCR Kolkata Gallery.

What to Expect:

100+ exhibitors showcasing their products and services• Networking opportunities with creative entrepreneurs

• Workshops and training sessions

• Live shop streaming and product demos

• B2B sessions on MSME, Startup India, EXIM, logistics, digital marketing, e-commerce listing, and marketing & sales

• Boutiqart membership plans for creative entrepreneurs

• Sponsored Creator program

Empowering creative entrepreneurs & customers | Boutiqart Creative Commerce Network:

Boutiqart.org is a B2B platform for individual and enterprise creative entrepreneurs, artists, artisans, craftsmen, boutiques, and resellers. Boutiqart.org offers a network for creative hubs like Kumartuli Idol makers market, Chandannagar Lighting market, and Pingla Pata Chitra market to join the creative commerce network. Boutiqart.com is a B2B2C marketplace where customers buy unique art, order bulk, and customized services directly from creators' profiles, and plan visits to the artists' hubs.

Boutiqart Membership Plans:

Free Membership: Listing on the platform and access to basic features

• Basic Membership: Advanced features and access to training sessions

• Standard Membership: Priority listing, promotion, and access to workshops

• Premium Membership: Premium listing, customized branding, and personalized support

Sponsored Creator Program:

Boutiqart offers a Sponsored Creator program where selected creators can enlist as registered creators on boutiqart.org and sell their products and services on Boutiqart.com. This program is designed to provide additional exposure and support to creators with exceptional talent and potential.

To apply for the Sponsored Creator program, fill out the registration form and indicate your interest in the program. The selection process will be based on the quality of your products/services, your branding, and your potential for growth.

How to Participate:

To participate in the Boutiqart Younique Mela 2023, fill out the registration form ( Providing relevant KYC documents) and choose your booking table/slot and B2B session of interest. You can also showcase your products through product photos/videos and live shop streaming.

Join the Boutiqart community today and celebrate creativity and commerce!