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Boutiqart Younique Mela | 2nd Day Panel Discussion

Organizer : Idearcade Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Website :   Phone No : 9147044901 Email : [email protected]  Address : Statue Court, ICCR  Entry Fee : ₹
Date : 29.04.2023   to 29.04.2023
Time : 4 pm-6 pm

We were honored to have esteemed participants grace the second day of the Boutiqart Younique Mela. Among them were renowned painters Bappa Bhowmik and Subir Das, distinguished members of the Chamber of Commerce, Ashish Basak representing Rotary, and Romila Roy from MSME. Additionally, talented artists Tapati Mondal, Sushmita Chatterjee, and Tirthankar from Artkart, Rajashree from Sonajhurir Hat, and Ranjit Sarkar, Dipankar Pal, and Sanatan Pal from Kumartuli also joined us. Each of these individuals generously shared their personal artistic journeys and experiences with the attentive audience.

During the event, Rumella Mitra highlighted the importance of artists reaching the market with their work, emphasizing the essence of their artistic endeavors. Ranjit Sarkar expressed gratitude towards the Boutiqart Platform for its efforts in promoting and showcasing the work of Kumaratuli's idol makers, not only in India but also to a global audience.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all the participants for their valuable contributions, making the second day of the Boutiqart Younique Mela a truly memorable experience.